Welcome to my Realm

Welcome, Internet traveler, to my funky little page. :) You can call me Moon here.This is my personal website I'm making for fun right now. I freaking love nature, I love video'd games, and collecting some plush dolls here and there, too. :) I can't wait to add more stuff here soon! I'm on my way to learning how to fully flesh out this webbed site. Since I'm beginning to learn some more complex things now, I'm going to begin updating this main page with Update Logs! Even if it's very barebones at first LMAO.

Update Log:

8/16/2022: The Email option in the navigation menu is now functional! :) Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say!

8/15/2022: Added a navigation menu! That doesn't mean any of the links work yet though, LOL. I've also added this makeshift update log to the main page, until I can figure out how to get Fixed-in-place Scroll-y Boxes. :) I will also be continuously updating this site so it looks half-decent on mobile LOL. Gotta learn more soon... Cannot wait to get to a point where I can start adding a bunch of pretty pixel stuff :)))

---Please be patient, I'm still a novice at coding and web design, so this website is in its very early stages. It will be prone to frequent updates.---

--Version 0.25--

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